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Power Civics 10
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Leadership and No Blame Problem Solving
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Power Civics 10
Gain knowledge about citizen powers that go beyond
voting and how you may play a role as a public citizen in
our 21st century democracy. Acquire the tools to become
active and informed participants in government problem solving
and decision-making. Developed by experienced
practitioners in local government in partnership with
professors who are experts in the emerging discipline
of beyond the ballot civic power, explore how to take
leadership positions in your community that do not require
running for public office.
Topics include:
• Using technology to find proven solutions
• Accessing information about current government policy
• Crafting cost effective, evidence-based solutions
• Using a No-Blame strategy to keep the focus on the
• Using citizens’ legal rights to advance solutions before
local government decision-making bodies
• Maintaining a respectful, ongoing pursuit of progress
toward the adoption of solutions
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